Activity Areas

Research and Polling

ECAi conducts objective, relevant, and timely research on issues that reflect ECA's strategic priorities: First Amendment rights, violence in games, parental empowerment and education, Network Neutrality, Universal Broadband, DMCA and Fair Use and consumer protection. The Institute also conducts work on emerging public policy issues in both the domestic and international arenas.


To meet the diverse needs of its several audiences, the Institute uses a variety of report formats. Publications are available in hard copy and on the Internet. All ECAi research reports are peer reviewed by internal and external subject experts. Furthermore, the Institute houses our online publications, newsletters and websites (GameCulture, GamePolitics, ECA Today, etc.) in an effort to educate our members and the general public.

Technical Assistance/Expert Consultation

ECAi provides ad hoc, rapid-response analysis, expert consultation, and technical assistance and support to inform and help guide ECA's advocacy efforts. The work of the Institute is also intended to enhance decision makers' and opinion leaders' understanding of gamers' needs and concerns.

Scholarships and Other Educational Programs

The Institute develops and fosters game education programs and assists students with scholarships and financial aid.

Public Representation

Our staff represents ECA in public and professional forums through: service on task forces, work groups, commissions, and boards; presentations and speeches; production of related events and participation in external policy-related meetings. In so doing, the Institute contributes to and helps shape public discussion about ECA's priority issues and the needs and concerns of its diverse membership.